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Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law Services in the Philippines

Carpo Law & Associates offers business advisory, corporate compliance, company formation, and corporate litigation services to SMEs (small-and-medium enterprises), startup companies, and global corporations doing business in the Philippines. 

Our legal services are mainly centered on corporate law, assisting clients in every aspect of their business — from company formation, franchising, distributorship, and corporate compliance to corporate restructuring, spin offs, bankruptcy, and dissolution. 

Our Corporate Law Services

Business Advisory

With a long list of local and foreign clients from multiple industries, we have wide experience in providing legally compliant yet practical solutions to our clients’ pressing legal concerns. 

We ensure our legal advice are able to promote and protect the business interests of our clients without the violation of any existing law in the Philippines.   

Company Formation

Our corporate lawyers help our clients choose the right type of business entity to register in the Philippines by assessing the suitability of their market-entry plans and evaluating the following: 

  • Proposed business activities 
  • Ownership structure
  • Capital structure
  • Need for special or secondary licenses/permits
  • Other related concerns

We also directly work with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help our clients register their food products, cosmetics, medical devices or other related products regulated by the FDA. 

Corporate Compliance

We routinely advise our clients on matters related to general corporate compliance, from regulatory compliance and reporting requirements with government agencies to corporate secretarial and director-nominee work. 

Corporate Litigation

Our Philippine corporate lawyers have represented local and foreign clients on a wide range of legal cases, maintaining an active corporate litigation practice. We assist clients on early settlement proceedings, alternative dispute resolutions, and full-blown trials.