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Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in the Philippines

Carpo Law & Associates provides legal services to companies and individuals in need of legal representation on litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We handle a broad range of cases, from full-blown trials and arbitration to interim remedies, summary proceedings, and special proceedings. 

We represent clients before Regular Trial Courts, Special Courts, quasi-judicial bodies, and ADR centers in the Philippines. Our litigation and ADR lawyers have worked with domestic and international clients on a broad range of legal cases, including money claims, qualified theft, estafa, violence against women and children, adoption, custody, declaration of nullity of marriage, and recognition of a foreign judgment. 

Where there are possibilities of out-of-court settlements, we strongly advocate for alternative dispute resolutions to help our clients avoid the costs and inconvenience of litigation. Our priority is to ensure a quick, effective, and successful resolution of disputes, while at the same time placing the interests of our clients in a favorable position. 

Our Practice Areas in Litigation and ADR