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E-Commerce Law

E-Commerce Law Services in the Philippines

Carpo Law & Associates provides legal services to corporations and individuals in need of sound legal advice on navigating the innovative, multidisciplinary landscape of e-commerce law in the Philippines. 

We assist clients in protecting their commercial interests online and organizing their e-commerce activities according to existing laws and regulations to prevent the rise of any legal issues. Our legal services cover all types of e-commerce business models, from B2B (business-to-business) to C2A (consumer-to-administration). 

Our clients range from Internet service providers to companies selling goods and services over the Internet.  

Our E-Commerce Law Services

Regulatory Compliance

We will help you secure compliance with laws and regulations that affect your commercial activities and operations by performing the following: 

  • draft electronic contracts, user agreements, and privacy policies
  • enforce intellectual property (IP) rights
  • identify liability risks on third-party information
  • ensure the security of electronic transactions
  • prevent or mitigate fraudulent transactions
  • analyze the structure of tax-related concerns

Protection of IP Assets, Online Licenses, and Commercial Activities

We will also assist you in protecting your IP assets, online licenses, domain name, data security, consumer privacy policies, and other related assets and activities by staying up-to-date with existing laws and anticipating business conditions that might affect the legal framework of e-commerce in the Philippines.   

E-Commerce Litigation

Our e-commerce litigation lawyers handle a multitude of e-commerce related legal issues, such as but not limited to the following:

  • data privacy and security breach
  • user agreement issues (return, refund, and exchange policies)
  • product liability
  • liability issues on third-party information
  • consumer identity theft
  • copyright infringement 
  • online and email-related defamation (libel or slander)
  • domain theft and cybersquatting