Labor Law

Carpo Law & Associates Labor Lawyers provide advice on Employment and Labor Law for local and foreign-owned companies in the Philippines. We assist both employers and employees in contract drafting and labor and employment disputes.

Carpo Law & Associates provides advice concerning employment policies, review of employment contracts and retirement programs, cases involving employee discipline, matters affecting labor standards in cases of change of ownership or structure of the corporate employer, pre-termination, and termination disputes.

Labor Dispute in the Philippine Workplace

The labor practice in the Philippines generally revolves around breach of contracts of employment, failure to provide minimum terms and conditions of employment provided under the Philippine Labor Code, claims for backwages, overtime pay, retirement and other benefits, illegal dismissal, wrongful termination, amicable dispute resolution, and discrimination claims.

Drafting & Processing Legal Employment Documents

  • Employee Contracts
  • Employee Manuals
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Foreign employment Visa (9g and SVEG)
  • Foreign working permit (ACR)