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Visa Processing and Immigration Law

Philippine Visa and Immigration Law Services

Carpo Law & Associates provides legal services to foreign nationals, employees, executives, and enterprises in need of legal representation, visa processing assistance, legal aid in immigration litigation, and sound legal advice on immigration-related transactions, proceedings, and petitions.

Our immigration lawyers in the Philippines offer advisory and contract review work on immigration law compliance, work authorization processing, and compliance monitoring. We assist clients in liaising with foreign embassies and consulates in the Philippines for consular transactions, such as document procurement, authentication, and other related services permitted by concerned embassies and consulates.       

We also provide end-to-end professional assistance to foreign nationals on their Philippine visa applications. Our team of visa specialists will help you identify the right type of visa, prepare documents for submission to appropriate government agencies, and secure compliance to maintain your eligibility for the visa granted.

We maintain close work relationships with the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and other government agencies which handle visa applications and immigration-related procedures for foreign entities.  

Our Immigration Law Services

Immigration Litigation

We offer litigation services to foreign nationals arrested by local operatives of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for allegedly violating immigration laws in the Philippines. We will submit a Petition for Bail for our client’s temporary liberty while awaiting trial or file a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus before the Regular Courts if the arrest was illegal or executed based on unsubstantiated immigration law violation/s.

Lifting of Name in Blacklist Record

Foreign nationals whose names are listed in the Blacklist Order are prohibited from entering the Philippines. Those listed in the Blacklist are found to have committed criminal offenses abroad or are considered fugitives in their home countries.

If you happen to arrive at a Philippine airport with no knowledge of having your name listed in the Blacklist, you will be ordered to catch the next flight back to your point of origin. To help you lift your name from the Blacklist, we will file a Petition to Lift the Order of Blacklist to the BI and attach it with duly authenticated/certified true copies of supporting documents to substantiate your defense.    

Consular Services

Our immigration attorneys at Carpo Law will help you comply with requirements from foreign embassies and consulates in the Philippines for transactions related to visa application and processing, consularization (authentication or acknowledgment) of documents, and other consular services allowed to be processed by accredited law firms and visa processing service providers in the Philippines.

We provide authentication and acknowledgment services for documents such as Special Power of Attorney (SPAs), deeds, oaths and appointments, school and medical records, trademarks, and other such documents required to be authenticated or acknowledged by a concerned embassy or consulate.      

Our Visa Application and Processing Services

Assistance in Obtaining Philippine Visas, Permits, and Certificates  

Non-Immigrant Visas

  • 9(a) Temporary Visitor’s Visa (TVE) (tourist visa)
  • 9(d) Treaty Trader’s Visa (commercial visa)
  • 9(g) Pre-Arranged Employee Commercial Visa (work visa)
  • 9(g) Pre-Arranged Employee Non-Commercial Visa (work visa)
  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) (spousal visa)

Immigrant Visas

  • 13(a) Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage
  • 13(g) Non-Quota Immigrant Visa for Returning Former Natural-Born Filipino Citizen
  • Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)

Special Visas

  • 47(a)(2) Visa (Special Non-Immigrant Visa for employees of PEZA-registered companies) (work visa)
  • ROHQ Visa (Special Non-Immigrant Visa under Executive Order 226) (work visa)
  • Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV)
  • Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG)
  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)

Work Permits

  • Special Work Permit (SWP)
  • Provisional Work Permit (PWP)
  • Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Special Temporary Permit


  • Authority to Employ Alien Certificate
  • Emigration Clearance Certificate/ BI Exit Clearance (ECC -A and -B)
  • Certificate of Not the Same Person
  • Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship under Republic Act 9225

Assistance on Other Engagements Related to Philippine Visa Application

  • Visa Extension for Tourist Visitors and Amendment of Status of Admission
  • Visa Downgrading
  • Grace Period (Interim Extension)
  • Revalidation
  • Visa Re-Stamping
  • ACR I-Card Re-Issuance
  • Motion for Reconsideration

Preparation of Documents for Visa Application in Other Countries

For foreign nationals who wish to apply for visas from the countries listed below, our visa specialists can help prepare their requirements and give them proper orientation on the application process.

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • India
  • Vietnam