Legal Articles


11 Sep: DOLE calls on contractors to volunteer in labor inspection

The Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) DO 174 was a massive disappointment for workers who were seeking an end to contractualization, or what’s commonly known as “Endo.” While “Endo” practice, which has been around for decades, is not written into the outdated Labor Code, it’s a widely accepted practice that places workers in situations where their rights and benefits aren’t protected by the law.


16 Aug: Bullet TRAIN for Growth

Tax Reform is high on the Duterte Administration’s agenda. In a near unanimous majority, and after the consolidation of 55 separate bills, House Bill 5636, or the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or “TRAIN” was approved by Congress on May 15. House Bill 5636 is not the law, yet.


19 May: 2017 Philippine Investment Priorities Plan Approved

The approval of the 2017 Philippine Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) by President Rodrigo Duterte has prompted investors to revisit opportunities in establishing and expanding businesses within and outside Metro Manila. It would be to any business’ advantage to consider maximizing the incentives provided by the BOI and DTI through the 2017 Investment Priorities Plan.