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Nograles Assembles Bills Boosting the Welfare of Local Workers
Nograles Assembles Bills Boosting the Welfare of Local Workers

Panel Chairman Gathers Bills Seeking to Promote Welfare of Workers in the Philippines

Chairman of the House Committee on Labor and Employment, Fidel Nograles, claimed that Filipino workers would enjoy better working conditions after the reading of several bills promoting their welfare on Sunday, February 12.

Nograles added that the bills are pending in the Senate after the third and final reading. He stated, “I am confident that the Senate will pass their counterpart measures soon for immediate transmittal to the Palace for [the] President’s signature and implementation.” The first bill is the House Bill (HB) 1270 or Eddie Garcia Act, formerly known as HB 0459. It aims to give better protection for workers in the film and television industry.

HB 1270 requires employers to provide employees and contractors with a copy of a contract that states the number of work hours, job position and description, period of employment, details of compensation, and other conditions that may affect the employee’s performance.

Aside from a detailed contract, the bill also mandates additional benefits for workers, such as government-mandated benefits and entitlement to overtime pay. Furthermore, a prohibition from rendering more than 60 hours a week and counting the travel time to-and-from work as working hours are also part of the bill.

Meanwhile, HB 6718, or Freelance Workers Protection Act, seeks to aid freelance employees in the Philippines. It requires the worker and employer to enter into a written agreement specifying the task, period of completion, compensation, and schedule of payment. The bill prohibits any kind of alteration of terms unless agreed upon by both parties.

And lastly, HB 6683, or Enterprise Productivity Act, requires enterprises with 10 or more workers to implement a productivity incentive program. Furthermore, the bill establishes a system of tax incentives for enterprises. This system will then implement a productivity incentives program for their employees.

This bill will also revoke the Republic Act (RA) 6971, also referred to as the Productivity Incentives Act of 1990.


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