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Peace Pact Spurs Agricultural Investments in Mindanao

Peace Pact Spurs Agricultural Investments in Mindanao

The recent Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) peace agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has eased tension in the area. Now, ASEAN nations are keen on investing in the resource-rich Philippine region.

Foreign companies in SEA to plant investments in Mindanao

ASEAN countries are playing a big role in developing the impoverished Mindanao. A number of neighboring foreign companies expressed interest in investing in the region’s agricultural sector, with entities looking into rubber and a lot more considering palm oil. Investors are also currently eyeing the lands of Mindanao as an opportune location for pineapple crops. Southeast Asian nations are becoming more confident doing business in Mindanao as the region becomes ripe for investment.

Why investing in Mindanao is advantageous?

Mindanao has the most suitable land in the Philippines for agribusiness. Companies with existing businesses, as well as firms identifying new opportunities, can benefit economically from the potential for palm and rubber plantations in the region and from the bounty of mineral and agricultural resources. The fertile lands of Mindanao are underutilized since political instability has historically led to reluctance of investors. However, the newly signed agreement has increased investor confidence significantly. Following the historic peace agreement, the Philippine government is optimistic that this is the perfect time for investors to dive onto the new land of opportunity.

With peace at hand in Mindanao, the region starts to reap gains in its economic revival. ASEAN investors are getting serious about taking advantage of the agricultural wealth of the region. Mindanao has strong potential to become the Philippines’ major export region as it offers flourishing opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness.


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