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Philippine Investors are ‘Most Optimistic’ in Asia

Philippine Investors are ‘Most Optimistic’ in Asia

Philippine investors lift overall Asia sentiment as the country’s fourth quarter records were included in the 2013 Manulife Investor Sentiment Index (MISI) for the first time. Neighboring Southeast Asian countries garnered 16 positive sentiments in the latest quarter, and the region climbs to 22 with the inclusion of the Philippines.

Sentiment is a statistical indicator used to measure the financial health of the economy in the short-term and foresee prospects for longer term growth.

Philippines spearheads ASEAN investors

The Philippines emerged at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s developing market as growth in its GDP was quite strong for 2012 and 2013. MISI even regarded the country as the ‘most optimistic’ in Asia, while Hong Kong remained the most pessimistic, followed by Taiwan. In 2013, the Philippines shared the 19th spot with Hong Kong and Turkey, among top 20 investment destinations in the World Investment Report.

Philippine economy continues to gain trust from investors, consumers   

The Philippines’ index score of 66 reflects the confidence of consumers in the country’s economy that has been able to withstand natural disasters as well as tolerate global market volatility. High investor sentiment also indicates the growing demand for investment vehicles which investors should take advantage of, given improving market conditions and strong economic fundamentals.

Appearing to have the most positive rating toward fixed income of all surveyed markets, the Philippine economy has stayed strong despite speculated tapering of U.S. programs. Surveys show that the country’s investor sentiments toward fixed income (60) are substantially above equities (48).


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