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SC’s ruling of Lazada riders to be helpful for contractual employees
SC’s ruling of Lazada riders to be helpful for contractual employees

SC’s Ruling of Illegally Dismissed Lazada Couriers to be Beneficial for Contractual Workers

Contractual riders and workers, in general, may demand full-time job regularization following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the illegally dismissed couriers of the well-known shopping app Lazada.

After the September 21 ruling was made public on January 20, Federation of Free Workers president Sonny Matula applauded the high court’s Second Division. He cited the decision as “historic” for “recognizing that regular employment is the norm and not the other way around.”

“This is a victory for workers,” Matula stated. “Delivery riders in a similar situation may use this precedent in their complaint for regularization.”

Aside from the Federation of Free Workers president, Senator Risa Hontiveros also approved of the Supreme Court’s ruling, remarking it is the first of many future wins for contractual employees.

She stated, “The decision of the Supreme Court declaring Lazada’s five delivery rider employees is a success and inspiration for all delivery riders. Because of this decision, it is clear that our courts place a great value on the promotion of social justice and the defense of the rights of workers.”

Hontiveros added, “Finally, there is strong basis and proof that delivery riders and those in the gig economy are employees and not just independent contractors. Our efforts to fight for our rights and job security are bearing fruit. Our efforts are never wasted.”

The petitioners, Chrisden Cabrera Ditiangkin, Hendrix Masamayor Molines, Harvey Mosquito Juanio, Joselito Castro Verde, and Brian Anthony Cubacub Nabong, were hired by Lazada in 2016. They delivered items from sellers to Lazada’s warehouse for a daily service fee of ₱1,200 for a year.

The petitioners were then not given any schedules and removed from their usual routes in 2017, thus prompting them to file a lawsuit against the company for illegal dismissal from their duties.

After the mentioned ruling of the high court’s Second Division, the Supreme Court ordered Lazada to reinstate the petitioners to their former duties as couriers.


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