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Senators Seeks More Protection for Riders and Driver
Senators Seeks More Protection for Riders and Drivers

Solons Want More Protection for Riders and Drivers in the Philippines

Service providers are responsible for going after claims for collection from customers canceling their orders. The drivers and riders must not be burdened with the situation.

Senator Lito Lapid stated that he filed Senate Bill 38, or An Act Providing Measures to Protect Individuals Engaged in Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Delivery Services, for the benefit of delivery riders and drivers who have to pay for unjustified cancellation of orders or “no-show” customers.

Under the act, in the case of called orders, the service providers must pay for the service or delivery fee of the rider.

Lapid noted that those deceitful acts result in a waste of time, effort, and money for delivery drivers and riders.

Lapid expressed, “I know the struggle of our delivery riders, that is why with this bill, I will push for their protection so they would not be taken advantage of in their job.”

The goal of Senate Bill 38 is to determine whether the rights of the delivery riders or drivers are respected as well as whether the obligations imposed on food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery service providers are attained.

The act halts any food, grocery, and pharmacy service providers from requiring delivery riders to advance any payment for the fulfillment of orders.

The bill proposes that any investigation or inquiry made by the service providers on the legitimacy or validity of the cancellation must not in any way affect the rights of the delivery riders and drivers to collect their service fees.

Food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery service providers who will violate the prohibition will be sentenced to the penalty of arresto mayor, or up to six months in prison, and imposed a fine not exceeding ₱100,000. In addition, the violators licenses and permits may also be revoked.

On the other hand, Senator Jinggoy Estrada also filed two bills to benefit public utility bus (PUB) drivers and conductors.

Senate Bill 48, or the proposed Bus Drivers and Conductors Compensation Act, will require fixed salaries on a regular basis for PUB drivers and conductors, removing the pressure of working “beyond humane working hours” that sometimes leads to fatal accidents.

Under the bill, drivers and conductors shall also be granted benefits and incentives provided in the Labor Code and related laws.

Senate Bill 289, or the Comprehensive Assistance Program for Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) Drivers Act, will entail PUV operators to pay the equivalent amount of the monthly contribution of drivers to the Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PHILHEALTH) , Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBIG), and Employees Compensation Commission (ECC).

Furthermore, livelihood and credit assistance will also be available to help the family of PUV drivers.


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