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TUCP Urges the Government To Provide Wage Subsidy for New Workers
TUCP Wage Subsidy

TUCP Urges the Government To Provide Wage Subsidy for New Workers

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) appeals to the government to provide a monthly wage subsidy of ₱11,000 to “new poor” workers severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TUCP sought ways to offer financial aid for the millions of Filipino workers who lost their jobs amid the pandemic as well as those forced into a “no work, no pay” scheme. 

The monthly financial support is one of the many proposals under the TUCP that seeks to improve workers’ welfare. 

Other proposals to the government include increasing infrastructure spending and economic stimulus programs to save and create jobs in the Philippines. 

TUCP Party-list Representative Raymond Democrito Mendoza states that, “TUCP notes that while there are financial assistance programs for the poorest-of-the-poor and Overseas Filipino Workers, clearly the formal sector workers are not being sufficiently supported. Millions have lost their jobs; millions more are on ‘no work, no pay’ arrangements. Other millions are now into job-sharing arrangements.”

Mendoza added, “We, therefore, call on the government to meanwhile provide for a monthly wage subsidy or monthly financial assistance of ₱11,000. These workers are no longer the emerging middle class. These workers are now the new poor.”

The proposal was made after noting that large companies and medium, small, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) can no longer subsidize their workers since they are also struggling financially. 

According to the TUCP, the subsidy will offer a win-win situation for Filipinos and the country’s economy as it would boost the consumption of goods and services. 

Mendoza expressed, “This way, we keep our people alive, and keep our economy afloat.”

TUCP Vice President Luis Corral stated that the government should listen to the warning of business leaders that claim the relaxing quarantine protocols to be insufficient in stimulating economic growth. 


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