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Carpo Law is a full-service law firm located at Ayala Avenue in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. The firm engages in corporate, tax, labor, and real estate law for foreign and local companies and individuals doing business in the Philippines.  We work with small, medium sized, and multinational companies to advise on inbound foreign investment.  Our lawyers have in-depth understanding of incorporation and company formation given the restrictions of foreign ownership and certain tax incentives.


Practice Areas


Product Registration


Product Registration

Local and foreign-owned businesses in the importation, exportation, and distribution industry is subject to product registration which our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consultant can assist you with.

Visas & Immigration


Visas and Immigration

Carpo Law consists of Philippine and US immigration lawyers who provide lawful advice on all visa, travel, and relocation concerns.



Manufacturing Law

Our corporate lawyers, with their extensive experience in manufacturing law, can assist foreign and local companies in establishing business operations in the country.



Mining Law

Carpo Law practices Philippine mining law through legal representation, business registration, and risk management assistance to its foreign and local mining clients.

Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property code of the Philippines protects the rights of scientists, inventors, artists, and companies to their intellectual properties and creations. Our lawyers will assist you in the registration of trademarks, patent, and copyright.

Online Gaming


online gaming law2

Attorneys at Carpo Law assist local and foreign companies in setting up online gaming, casino, gambling, sports, and betting businesses legally complying to the requirements of CSEZFP and CEZA.

Real Estate


Real Estate Law

Carpo Law firm offers advices on the acquisition and disposition of commercial and residential real estate through comprehensive investigation of land titles and property claims.




Litigation Law

Our lawyers can assist you with matters relating to commercial, corporate, immigration, intellectual, real estate, telecommunications, and public utilities among others.





E-commerce Law

Attorneys at Carpo Law are experts on rules and trends of e-commerce and internet and technology law addressing domestic and international dealings and transactions.




Labor Law

Carpo Law dwells on the seriousness of employment and labor law concerning policies, contracts, and discipline for both local and foreign-owned companies in the Philippines.



Tax Law

Taxes are critical dues in the Philippines and Carpo Law is proud to have a roster of tax lawyers to help businesses develop proper taxation, banking, and other financial duties.



Company Formation


Company Formation Law

Our experienced consultants will properly guide foreign-owned businesses in their start-up phase and post registration needs in a timely manner.





Corporate Law

Carpo Law provides legal services to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises, from choosing the right company formation suited for your business to determining your eligibility for any tax incentives.


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