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Senate to Prioritize Laws that Will Address the COVID-19 Pandemic
Senate Laws COVID-19

Senate to Prioritize Laws that Will Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

Senate President Vicente Sotto III, during the Senate hearing on Monday, July 27, stated that they will prioritize laws that seek to relieve Filipinos from the impacts of COVID-19 in the Philippines. 

At the second opening of the second regular session of the 18th Congress, Sotto states, “I speak for all the senators when I say that for the second regular session, your legislators will be proposing laws that will answer the question: How can we make this situation better for every Filipino?”

Sotto expressed that he is willing to lead the chamber in creating a “holistic agenda” in upcoming sessions that will centralize on improving the digital landscape in the Philippines, strengthening distance learning, and enhancing the public transport system to help the economy and the lifestyle of Filipinos recover. 

The need to encourage new businesses with a shift in the market economy was also discussed during the session.  

He further states, “[The] government can help entrepreneurs find their place in the emerging business landscape by reassessing tariffs so as to ease business burdens where appropriate, as well as providing the means for new ventures to flourish.”

The Senate President concluded by paying tribute to the frontliners serving the country, describing them as a “beacon of comfort.” 

He stated, “We are committed to saving lives, to reviving our economy, and to the creation of a shared future based on truth, respect, freedom, and love of nation.”


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